Terrible Tease

A little bit of Courfeyrac/Jehan for my lovely Shelbs.

I don’t think it’s NSFW…but idk…

First time writing Courf/Jehan, so please be nice. 


Courfeyrac snuggled beneath the blankets, unabashedly ignoring the sunlight intruding through the window.   Just as he felt the warmth of the beams through the window, he could feel the warmth of Jehan’s gaze on his back.  The poet stood in the doorway, admiring his lover’s form for a moment before speaking.

“You have class soon, Courfeyrac.”

Courfeyrac peeked one eye open.

“There is a small problem with that, ma fleur.  You see, after many attempts, the sheets have finally accepted me as one of their own.  If I were to leave now, I would break their trust, and we simply can’t have that…”

“I’m sure the sheets will get along just fine without your stunning presence.” Jehan entered the room and set a mug on the side table.  “I’ve made you some coffee…which I’ve conveniently placed just out of your reach.”

Courfeyrac frowned, contemplating reaching for the much needed caffeine, making his displeasure known with a pathetic whine.  His arm shot out from beneath the blankets, but instead of grabbing the mug, he snatched Jehan’s wrist and pulled him to the bed, laughing at the squeak that Jehan unleashed.

Jehan slapped at Courfeyrac’s shoulder, nuzzling between his shoulder blades.  Courfeyrac’s face fell back into the pillow.  He practically purred at the attention he was receiving, especially when Jehan’s fingers ghosted along Courfeyrac’s neck and tangled in his hair.  Heat prickled between Courfeyrac’s shoulder blades, traveling down and pooling at the base of his spine as Jehan nipped and sucked his way across uncovered skin. 

Suddenly, Jehan pulled on Courfeyrac’s head, yanking it backwards harshly, almost painfully, and making Courfeyrac arch back so Jehan could press their open mouths together.  Courfeyrac moaned wantonly, surprised at this turn of events, trying to turn his body to press upon Jehan’s but the poet was hard-pressed against such an idea.  He detached from Courfeyrac’s lips to nibble at his jaw and ear, giving them both a moment to breath after the debauched onslaught.

“Are you awake now?” he asked breathily.

“Very much so,” responded Courfeyrac dazedly, twisting backwards again in search of Jehan’s lips.

“Bon!” grinned Jehan brightly as he bounded off Courfeyrac’s body, the huskiness gone from his voice.

“That was truly evil,” Courfeyrac groaned flopping on his back miserably, shielding his eyes from the light with his arm. “I’m afraid I’ve influenced you to be a terrible tease.”

“I have learned from the best,” laughed Jehan.

“How am I to concentrate in class now?” he whined, peeking out from beneath his arm glare at Jehan, hoping to look petulant and pitiful enough for more attention.

“I never said you had to concentrate in class, mon cœur…I merely said you had to go to class.  Now get up and dressed.” Jehan threw a shirt at him. “If you are quick enough, perhaps I can take my time saying good-bye.”  

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